CebuARTSdistrict – inspire through art!

How it all started …

Initiated by Let’s Do It Philippines & ARTconnectsLIFE




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CebuARTSdistrict – creativity, design & passion inspired

Sugbo Creative Village – Center for Creatives

Presented by ARTconnectsLIFE – art connects people, creativity connects life

Initiative coached by ecoNOVATE – community driven innovation

Form and design by ViVaTicA – ideas for life! soul of life! 

Promoted by @ARTpreneurs – weaving arts & creativity

Creativity connects life!

Speak your mind, your dreams, your experiences and your ideas


How it all started …

With ecoART 2014-15 Exhibit & Tour

Environment through the eyes of the artist!

Art & awareness towards environmental responsibility and sustainability

Environmental Advocacy, inspired through art

For Let’s Do It Philippines





Listen to your ART! Let art speak

what the environment has been screaming for!




Where art speaks, life starts!

Cebu ARTS District

Center for the Arts & Creativity

ART connects people creativity connects LIFE


Our Dream-2-Destiny Journey

Cebu an ideal waterfront for leisure, arts & living development

The proposed project is selected among the 3 most innovative initiatives at Dream Expo Cebu 2014.

An initiative by The Dream Project + RAFI + Global Shapers (WEF)




CebuARTSdistrict – weaving arts & creativity!

Center for the Arts & Design

Sugbo Creative Village

Creativity, design & passion inspired!






Inspire, develop & celebrate creative talent!

@ARTpreneurs – creativity, design & passion inspired

Online community for networking & sharing


Building the community & audience

ART Disciplines

  • Visual & Fine arts
  • Media & Graphical arts
  • Community & Creativity arts
  • Performing arts
  • Architecture & Design arts
  • Literacy arts
  • Culinary & Gastronomy arts
  • Fashion & Accessories

Press, media & blogging

Musea & galleries

Event, festivals, districts & spaces

Art magazines, presenters & auctions

Art curation & education

Lifestyle, gastronomy, tourism & travel

Supporting business & entrepreneurs services for the creatives sector

+300 sub-categories associated with the art disciplines and supporting services



Dream & build what we are missing

Design & architecture contest proposed for Cebu universities bringing the futuristic Zugbo or the traditional open island architecture to life with the CebuARTSdistrict.

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2016 – Our journey work in progress

CebuARTSdistrict and Sugbo Creative Village

  • 4 to 8 ha city land with integrated waterfront area
  • Green ring + semi-commercial area
  • Real estate project development for people who love to live in the environment of art and culture
  • phased implementation of the future public space




start-up activities

  • Participate in Cebu Sinulog Festival (01/2016) with artspace
  • Extension of Cebu Wonder Rainforest at CCCI grounds for 3 months
  • Design & realization of taste.CEBU to become a regular artspace events initiative for Cebuano & Visayan artists
  • Design & marketing of the annual international taste.CEBU biennale
  • Collaboration and lign-up with South-East Asian Creative Cities Network and other international culture & art groups
  • Diversify local & international activities with ARTconnectsLIFE & ARTpreneurs
  • Spin-off hospitality event services by ARTronomy


CEBU Wonder Rainforest

Cebuano culture, creativity and arts at CiCC

Thriving Interactive Culture exhibit pavilion, activity arts, performing arts and more.




Birth of taste.CEBU

Artspace initiative for Cebuano & Visayan artists

Progressive food & art culture lifestyle festival

Design, team building and realization of taste.CEBU


Taste.CEBU – experience island flavors

Artspaces, festivals & biennale


The potentials of the CebuARTSdistrict






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CAPix + ViVaTicA + ecoNOVATE

ViVaTicAideas for life! soul of life!


ecoNOVATE community driven innovation


ARTconnectsLIFE – art connects people, creativity connects life


@ARTpreneurs – creativity, design & passion inspired


ARTronomy art & gastronomy touring


CebuARTSdistrictweaving arts & creativity

taste.CEBUexperience island flavors



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