Experience the vivacious creative Cebuano and enjoy the island flavors of art, design, hospitality & gastronomy

taste.CEBU – experience island flavors

Art & lifestyle happenings, festivals & biennale
Where the heart sings, experience the island flavors!

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Concept & Design

Arts, design & creatives, blend in one progressive lifestyle festival
Presented by ARTconnectsLIFE

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+ intro to ARTronomy – art & gastronomy touring
Hospitality with leisure, entertainment & arts – more than the traditional holiday!

+ intro to arts & creatives ROADMAP of Cebu (WiP)
Local, regional, national and international networking across the art disciplines.

+ ARTconnectsLIFE support & business partnerships

+ Call for Proposal to the Cebu Creatives Sector
Offer for taste.CEBU, CebuARTSdistrict and Cebu Arts & Creatives Roadmap.


Staging Cebu’s vibrancy for the world to taste

Be part of a unique festival as the Cebuano flavors unfold

taste.CEBU – experience island flavors
Live the creative people!
TASTE Cebu’s creative lifestyle!



Weaving the Cebuano talents with the global stage of the arts!



Arts, design & creatives, blend in one progressive lifestyle festival 

  • mobile and integrated festival
  • unfolding the flavors of Cebuano creativity across the art disciplines
  • happenings, fiestas, galas, proms, jamborees and fêtes
  • weaving talents from across the global stage
  • aspiring an art celebration which moves the flow of life

Leading up to annual festival / biennale


#tasteCEBU unfolds the flavors of Cebuano creativity

  • across the art disciplines
  • blend in different components of arts, design, creatives and food
  • Implicitly flowing seamless across a variety of venues
  • from gardens & courtyards to pavilions
  • from marquees, pergolas & performing podia to food districts

Attracting dedicated audience or purposely blend, enabling the visitor to blend and roam across the different areas, where public and invitees can choose to interact with artists and designers alike


Getting to know and value the artist or designer
behind their work!

#tasteCEBU aspires an art celebration events which

  • moves the flow within and across multiple locations
  • provides a rich variety of flavors and dish interpretations during mercado and restaurant hopping
  • lets you discover a heartening island journey between galleries and public space exhibits or
  • facilitates to endeavour in a combination of art, design and food hospitality and gastronomy, with traditional and new flavors.


Experience the vivacious creative Cebuano
blend with the island flavors in art, design,
hospitality and gastronomy

Experience the flavors of #tasteCEBU

Enjoy a unique experience for participants to get a chance to be part of the main annual festival | biennale and/or participate in the regular localized happenings, fiestas, galas, proms, jamborees and fêtes.

colors of tasteCEBU

#tasteCEBU invite & attract

  • local, national and international visitors and touris
  • creatives, design and art guests

#tasteCEBU aspires & is inspired by

  • inhabiting the celebrated Cebuano hospitality
  • co-creating a blend of cross-cultural lifestyle
  • joining together with its renowned and upcoming talented designers, artists, performers and creative artisans
  • enabling a festive art, design and cultural exchange
  • experiencing Cebuano creativity & hospitality in a lifestyle ambience

#tasteCEBU welcomes from all walks of life

  • Cebu residents, Cebu expats, tourists (national and international)
  • artists, designers and creative groups and organisations (national and international)
  • toddlers, children from 3 and up, teens, young adults, adults and seniors
  • dedicated segments and timing for families, enabling interaction of passions between parents and their children


position Cebu on the world stage of the arts
in all creativity facets of the art disciplines


#tasteCEBU components

  • Public fiera arena & designated food district
  • Culinary art marquees & gastronomic touring
  • Art pavilion, courtyard & gardens
  • Performing arts podia & amphi-theatre

 #tasteCEBU blends different components of art, design, creativity and food, across a variety of seamless flowing venues and/or through organized gastronomic touring. These attract for dedicated audience or purposely blend, enabling the visitor to blend and roam across the different areas, where public and invitees can choose to interact with restaurateurs and artists alike.

Component culinary art, gastronomic touring & food district

  • Tasters, degustation & food teasers, serving very local food items ranging from traditional preparations to exciting new presentations
  • Culinary art interpretations and sociable demos by chef cooks
  • Local and international wines, brewed beers, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, delicious tropical juices, shakes and specialty drinks, made or taste in Cebu
  • Onsite demos and sessions such as: puso-weaving, tablea-making, coffee-pouring and lots of handy kitchen secrets
  • Wine & dine facilities, from snacks, meriendas to full gastronomic dinner & touring while enjoying you choice of art (ARTronomy)
  • Interactive playing and learning about food, food art and gastronomy

Component art, design & creativity

  • Individuals, groups, associations, … covering the 5 art disciplines with established artists and young talent
  • Activity and live art stalls, podia and recreational areas for young and old
  • Performing podia and audio-visual art, from classic, historical Cebuano style to the new age music and musicians bringing something for everyone’s taste, from world music, jazz, to new beat
  • Interacting and relaxing with your favourite artists, generating ambiance and engagement, enjoying a live sketch or participating with street art
  • Food and food decoration as a form of art, across the various components of the festival, indoors and outdoors for all ages
  • Interactive learning, playing and discovering, from painting, sculpture creation to animated and innovative creations with Lego and other materials, exploring your creative passions
  • Dance, sing, play … ambiance around the clock, from 9am till midnight

Component fiera

  • Food specialty booths (food district) with traditional and exciting newbies: food carts, local organic farmers, stalls presenting the latest in delicatessen, technology and kitchen gadgets
  • Culinary art for children, young adults, and aged
  • Organic vegetables and fruits from Cebu soil
  • Dish lay-outs, fruit art and fruit decoration
  • Activity, life and creativity arts for children and families (Sunday morning)
  • Leisure & entertainment nights with music, dance, theatre, movie …
  • And a lot more


spaces to enjoy what Cebuano lifestyle offers!

sensing, interacting, relaxing & ‪‎tasting Cebuano creative flavors!

#tasteCEBU weaves talents from across the global stage

Experience lifestyle from different continents and cultures

  • annual progressive cultural lifestyle festival
  • transforming into a Cebu Biennale for the arts, design & creativity
  • Monthly: happenings, fiestas, galas, proms, jamborees & fêtes with their own flavor and theme, all unfolding the island lifestyle flavors



staging Cebu’s vibrancy for the world to taste!

be part of a unique festival as the Cebuano flavors unfold!

#tasteCEBU sponsorship & support 

  • Diamond   – dedicated sponsor (5 years – all events)
  • Pearl         – dedicated sponsor (1 year – all events)
  • Emerald    – exclusive product lock out
  • Support     – non exclusive product support


CSR and other ROI
through exclusive VIP arrangements


ARTconnectsLIFE support & business partnerships

2-direction engagement, discovering the arts

Building corporate & community partnerships, connecting business & creativity, culture & vibrant city life.

ARTconnectsLIFE ventures partnering with corporations, institutions, associations, communities and government.

ARTronomy creates & promotes the access to local, regional and international tourist and art markets

ecoNOVATE provides the guidance and coaching for artpreneurs, marketing & fundraising

ViVaTicA acts as the project developer and relates to the real estate development & planning


Craft connects – Cebu creates

#tasteCEBU catering services & artronomic touring

Cocktail and/or buffet to full and degustation catering for your VIP or company party at the festivals or any of the events.

Accommodating for inclusive artronomic stay weekend at top restaurants and hotels across Metro Cebu or week artronomic touring across the islands of Cebu through

ARTronomy – art & gastronomy touring, more than the traditional holiday!
artronomy = gastronomy + art celebrated


A new way of choice from backpackers to high-end resort & leisure tourism, picking up on art and culture what Cebu has to offer.

From cocktail and/or buffet to full and degustation catering for your VIP or company party at art festivals, events and gallery exhibits.

ARTonomic stays, island food degustation or touring at top restaurants, hotels and resorts (mountain, beach, sea and/or city) across the islands of Cebu and the Visayas.

Co-creative affiliations and alliances with top exclusive partners in different price categories, from adventure to luxury travel, island hopping & yachting or simply relaxed at the white beach resorts.

Combined with the endless shopping and nightlife potentials of Metro Cebu.

Discovering island’s nature secrets of waterfalls, fascinating mountain biking or enjoying the richest sea fauna and flora with diving or whale watch tours.

Celebrate the grandest colorful festival in Asia – Sinulog Festival

ARTronomy art & gastronomy touring

Hospitality with leisure, entertainment & arts – more than the traditional holiday!

  • 0Cebuano hospitality
  • food delicatessen
  • haute-cuisine dining
  • local food markets and districts
  • waterfront leisure & diving
  • beaches
  • island hopping
  • promenading the fascinating mall variety of Cebu
  • touring the ancient heritage of Cebu and neighboring cities
  • and much more.


Enjoy island hospitality
with art, design & cultural flavors!



ARTconnectsLIFE developed the Cebu roadmap for the arts & creatives, reflecting affiliations and local, regional, national and international networking across the art disciplines.

  • Cebu blogging & events communities
  • Participation of groups and communities active in
    • visual & fine arts, community & street arts
    • music sector
    • fashion & accessories
    • design & architecture
    • musical, theatre, film & other performing arts
    • poetry & literacy arts, martial arts, attraction & world arts
  • Co-development with event & resource providers
  • Alliances with
    • Academia (universities)
    • Art & creatives academia
  • Association with
    • Musea & galleries
    • Venues & art spaces
  • Festivals, fairs & culture events (Cebu & Philippines)
  • Hospitality, gastronomy & tours
  • Leisure, beaches, adventure & parks
  • Mall centers & strip malls
  • International networking with art communities, art presenters, fairs & festivals


ARTconnectsLIFE maintains a secure dBase for the CebuARTSdistrict & taste.CEBU, containing a growing network (not reflecting international activities of ARTconnectsLIFE, @ARTpreneurs and ARTronomy) – status July 2016:

  • +1,500 Cebuano individual artists and designers (Cebu-based or abroad)
  • +1,000 Cebu-based clubs, associations, groups, galleries & companies
  • +10,000 Cebuano art and culture fans and enthusiasts
  • regional, national and international artists, groups, cultural associations, academia & government institutions
  • access to the Cebu consulates and foreign embassies in Philippines
  • + 2,000 companies in Cebu, relative to their CEO, president, managing director, marketing, HR and members of the board
  • local, national and international authorities & academia active in arts, design, culture & hospitality
  • access to a social media networking reaching +100 million glocally

ARTconnectsLIFE, @ARTpreneurs, taste.CEBU and ARTronomy, together with its organizational partners ecoNOVATE and ViVaTicA are actively present on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Xing Viadeo, WordPress, and other platforms.

Like our pages, follow us, get notifications of new events and/or join our communities of @ARTpreneurs on FB, LI & G+


CEBU, where the heart sings,

experience the island flavors!


xx end

Call for Proposal to Cebu creativity sector

ARTconnectsLIFE and its affiliates ARTronomy and @ARTpreneurs have focused their activities on the international creatives scene since October 2016.

We will continue to support the efforts of creative Cebu and engage its artists from the different art disciplines on the international stage.


We present the activities and goodwill built for taste.CEBU and CebuARTSdistrict, together with its attributes built over the past 2.5 years to a collaborative effort of Cebu-based organizations, authorities and art communities for further progress of the different initiatives.
This will include a detailed dBase of the Cebu Roadmap for the arts & creatives which can be transferred when the conditions for transfer are agreed upon and realized by the parties.


We are available for this Call for Proposal to the parties that can offer a solid base for further negotiation.


taste.CEBU & CebuARTSdistrict
artspaces | festivals | biennale

happenings – fiestas – galas – proms – jamborees – fêtes


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